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Next 4-H Achievers Club Meeting are scheduled for the 2nd Tues of each month Click HERE for meeting details.

Open Enrollment for Taney County 4H Open Online Oct. 1st!  CLICK HERE TO ENROLL ONLINE.

Open enrollment for new and existing members of the Taney County 4H Achievers and the Taney County Shooting Sports Club will start Oct 1st.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fees for joining 4H will increase throughout the Missouri will start January 1st, 2014. Current Fees are $9 per member. The increase will jump to $20 per member.  

In addition, if you are interested in being a part of the Taney County Shooting Sports Club, there is an additional $15 fee per member.


Jan 10th - Shooting Sports

Jan 13th - Club Meeting

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